Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Linoleum Print Update

I have recently started a linoleum print. I'm thinking of calling it Do Your Thing, but I'm not sure. I may name it Georgia or something jazz-esque, hah. The photo reference is of a man playing a trumpet. Since I love jazz so much I knew I wanted a brass instrument in it. It's going to be very difficult but I think it will pay off! I'm trying my best not to send myself to the hospital with a sliced hand so wish me luck with this. I have no pictures to show though which is no fun. This is my very first linoleum by the way! It's pretty fun, despite the hand cramps. :P Depending on how the print comes out, I may show it when it's done.

PS. I've been working on an Ampersand ScratchBord for the past few months. It will be my very first Ampersand Bord with Masonite. I've been working with flexible Scratchboards for a while but I've been wanting to do a hard one. It's a lot of fun so far and I plan on getting many more of them. I even got permission from an artist to use her amazing wildlife photos as references for scratchboards! Big thank you to her. http://fantasticfennec.deviantart.com/ <--- This is her DeviantArt if you would like to see some of her amazing photography.

I'm also saving up to buy my own scanner since I don't own one. I really need one because taking pictures of scratchboards with a digital camera will not work out in the long run. I really hope I can save up money but since I'm so bad at it, I'll probably wind up blowing it all on art supplies and sweets. :P So at the moment all photos of my artwork will be taken with a digital camera. Hope that will clear things up in the future.

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